AJS/BSA/Matchless Throttle Cable 350/500/600/650 cc

AJS, Matchless, BSA, Norton,Triumph
Article number
40/29X. 68-8510. 02-4171. 024171
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€ 12,40

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AJS 600cc 31 Twin 1954-56
AJS 650cc 31 Twin 1957
AJS 650cc 31 Twin 1958-59
AJS 500cc 18 1958-59

BSA 350/500cc B40 Sports Star SS90 1965-66

A50 A65

MATCHLESS 650cc G.12 Majestic 1958-59
MATCHLESS 650cc G.12 Majestic 1957
MATCHLESS 650cc G.12 Majestic 1954-56
MATCHLESS 500cc G.80 Single

Outer 36"
Length 40"