BSA Fork Repair Kit A7 A10, B31, B32, B33, B34 , Goldstar, A50, A65 M20, M21 M33

Article number
89-5061/ Set
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€ 296,70

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BSA Fork Repair Kit

A7, A10 1946-62

B31,B32,B33, B34 1946-60


A50, A65 Early 1963-67

M20, M21, M23 1946-57

All Parts made in England!!

89-5061 fork stanchions

29-5310.45-5315 Oil seal holders 1 Pr.

29-5347.65-5424. Bushes 4x Seals

89-5036-P Progressive Springs

65-5331-97-2653 Fork Top Nut and Washer 2x

29-5320 Circlips 2x